Rabih al awal month & Mawlidu-n-Nabi

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Rabih al Awal, commonly known Weeru Gàmmu in Wolof is the third month of the Muslim calendar. It is a month which requires a very high regard for Muslims because of the events it contains, particularly the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad Beloved Anleyhi-salaatu wa-s-salaam which gives it its importance.
Contents :
Chahrou Rabih al awal
Historical events
Rabih al awal
  The four day
  The origin of the celebration
  How to celebrate Mawlud ?
  Benefits of Mawlidu-n-Nabi
  Some invocations and prayers for vivifying Mawlud
  Mawlud is not a bi’dha
  The celebration of Mawlud by Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba

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